4VETDigital Pen and Paper for Veterinary Clinical Studies.

Welcome to 4VET Digital Pen and Paper eCRF solution

4VET is an eCRF solution for Veterinary clinical studies based on ANOTO Digital Pen and Paper.

In July 2008, the first Veterinary Clinical Study using 4VET solution started in Europe. Since then, more than 35000 pages have been recorded and remotely monitored using 4VET extranet.
This represent several clinical studies, some large and some smaller, from 30 cases to hover 200, from 2 veterinary clinics to 50. These studies took place in Europe and in North America. Up to now all the studies were run into small animal veterinary practices (dogs and cats).

Why Digital Pen and Paper ?

Several reasons, probably the main two are:

  1. In most study site, the investigator (a veterinarian) records the data directly onto the CRF,
  2. CRFs are the raw data (health record in veterinary practices are not as developped as in human health).
And some other:
  • Investigators need to focus on included animals, the protocol and the GCP,
  • Pen and paper are native tools for humans and do not impact their interactions
  • Easy data recording is key to have accurate, complete and on time data,
  • Paper is the backup.
  • Remote monitoring is key to reduce unusable cases and to improve compliance
  • Up to date information are necessary to allow optimum study management by sponsor

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