4VETDigital Pen and Paper for Veterinary Clinical Studies.

Digital Pen

A digital pen looks, feels and writes like a normal ballpoint pen.

In addition it contains electronics such as an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor and a mobile communications device for wireless connection.

Paper & pattern

Almost invisible (it looks like a grey background), the pattern consists of thousands of black dots. They indicate the exact position of the digital pen as it moves across the digital paper.

The pattern is printed on regular paper together with the form layout.

Putting it all together

In combination with digital paper, a digital pen starts digitizing handwritten text the moment you put pen to paper. The pen reads and records pen strokes in relation to the digital paperís barely visible pattern of dots.

As you write, the camera built into the pen takes snapshots of the dot pattern on the paper. Every snapshot contains enough data to enable the penís image microprocessor to determine the exact position of the digital pen and what it writes or draws.

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