4VETDigital Pen and Paper for Veterinary Clinical Studies.

Like in any clinical study, our users are categorized into the following categories:

  • Each investigator has a digital pen and a set of forms. They perform the clinical examintation and record their findings. Entering data is as simple as writting on paper. Veterinarians don't have to worry about password or technology, they can focus on the animal they have in front of them and interact with its owner.

  • Monitors have immediate access to investigator's activity, they can review each form filled in with a Digital Pen and assist investigators to respect GCP and protocol. Monitoring of cases is made online, on an exact image of the CRF. Additionnaly collected information is used to build case and site summaries to optimize Monitors time.

  • Managing the study based on uptodate information is key for Sponsors. After logging to CLINOV extranet, all the study information is available, including summary tables, enrollement curves, investigators contact logs, case history and details.

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